Easy Everyday Skincare routine for the on-the-go Man. Natural and effective.

This one is just for the fella’s. We have a few tips and tricks to keep your skin looking moisturized all Summer long. Many of you may already have a routine or a regimen that you use religiously, but for those who are looking for something quick, simple and effective, then this is for you.

Our guys at Bevel.com have just what you need to keep that skin tight and give you that youthful glow year round. In 5 easy steps, you will be on your way to a healthier lifestyle and great looking skin.

1: Drink more water bro

As simple as it is, many of us still battle with our water intake. Water is literally the source of being alive, without it we will all die. By adding more water to your everyday life, it will help flush out toxins from the body and give your skin the natural moisture that it so need.

2: Change your Diet

All of that junk food and beer will hinder your progress. Clean eating is the new mood. By adding more leafy veggies and fresh fruits will help also to stabilize your body’s hormonal levels and keep your system clear of greasy food that can clog pores and cause flare ups. Small changes like limiting the amount you eat at fast food chains will help you reach your skin goals quicker.

3:  Get a great Face Wash

Wake up and rinse face with water, Apply a few drops of Bevel Face wash and Rinse. Bevel Face Wash, for instance, uses a summer-friendly formula that cuts down on irritation while also opening up those pores. The combination of ingredients, which include witch hazel extract, coconut water, tea tree oil, and niacinamide, keep this formula light (ideal for the hotter months and sensitive skin types). They also work in tandem to cleanse, hydrate, and leave your skin feeling cool and refreshed af, mane.

4:  Face Toner

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Following up the face wash with Bevel Exfoliating Toner (twice weekly) helps to unclog your pores and remove dead skin cells from your face without using abrasive microbeads that can occasionally tear up the skin on a micro-level if you’re a sensitive skin-type. Key ingredients like glycolic acid, aloe vera, witch hazel extract, and niacinamide provides some protection from those UV rays, targets blemishes and uneven skin texture, and also sets you up nicely for the last step on the summer skin care checklist.

5: Moisturize and leave out the door!

Summer will require some routine facial hydration on your part to offset the moisture you lose throughout the day. Especially for oily skin types, a fix like Bevel Moisturizing Face Gel is good for getting that moisturization without being weighed down heavily, as you could see with oil-based creams. In addition to vitamins C, E, and algae extract, which provides vital antioxidants, it contains manuka honey — a natural antimicrobial that helps to cut down on summer breakouts.

When the summer heat rises, so does the need for skin care. Don’t get left out to dry. #BevelSkin


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