Netflix and Chill with Anthony: New Hit show & talks of challenges behind the bigscreen

You may have seen him on NCIS or Disney’s Ravens Home, or maybe even watched him in the NFL. Well now you get to sit back and relax with the best dad in the world in Netflix sitcom “Family Reunion”.  Anthony Alabi is our very first cover for Snubb3d Magazine.

Anthony Alabi is a force not to be wrecken with. From the NFL to the Big Screen he has shown the world what it is to be successful. Not only is the Nigerian and Puerto Rican star an actor and football player, Anthony has his bachelor’s in criminal justice and a minor in business. Not to include his masters in liberal arts with a criminology focus. This man has the looks, they style, the will power and the brain behind. No wonder we chose this successful individual to introduce this magazine.

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In the show family reunion Anthony plays a vulnerable and comical character as the the father of the McKellan family. His spunk and poise captures you as he holds together the Family. The show is about when a family who moves from Seattle to Georgia to be closer to extended family, the transition is like being a catfish out of water. Make sure you catch the Family Reunion on Netflix.
Stay tuned…. More with Anthony Alabi.


Eclectic and evocative soundtrack

Rhythm gameplay

Tough challenge


Woefully out of place

Pacing slows

Exploration sequences feel drawn out

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