J Young MDK completes the Trilogy

Written By: Lesley Logan

In the world of film, making a trilogy is even riskier than making a sequel.

For every wonderful “Star Wars” and “Lord of the Rings” three-part epics, there’s a so-so “Spider Man 3,” and a “Let’s forget there was ever a ‘Jaws 3.’”

Often, studios extend these franchises into three or even four parts purely for financial gain, when there really isn’t all that much story material remaining that’s exciting or original.

In music, however, a trilogy is a much smarter idea, especially if each album builds on the next and everyone feels good at the end. Musicians may appreciate the opportunity to convey a theme into three unique recordings, listeners may enjoy the greater depth or variety of music, and record labels really like the idea of three times the sales.

A perfect example of this is J Young MDK, the independent singer/songwriter who ends 2020 with some big accomplishments such as issuing his third album in a series.

First, he dropped “Aqua,” a R&B album the same day  he released “Black,” a rap album. At the end of December, he released “White,” a genre-defying album that includes pop, alternative, R&B and rap.

The release of “White” also effectively completes the trilogy of fine music he’s been working on for years.

To get people even more pumped about his new music, J Young MDK has been releasing one track each week from each album on all social media platforms, a project he calls 3Albums3 Months. He’s the only artist in history to debut double albums while distributing each track one by one.

Of course, while music is an important part of his life, there’s much more to this young entrepreneur and brand manager.

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In 2020, J Young MDK became an official ambassador for the American Diabetes Association. Having Type 1 diabetes himself, he’s the perfect choice to influence others to take care of their bodies.

He’s CEO of “Before I Go Hollywood,” a full-service management, marketing firm, and entertainment and other business ventures. 

He also has a featured role in “The App that Stole Christmas,” a holiday-themed Netflix movie.    

In 2021, he tells fans to expect more music, TV and film projects.

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