Living the “Sweet Life” with Briana Jones

Briana Jones who is part of the cast on HBO Max’s unscripted reality series, “Sweet Life: Los Angeles,” produced by Issa Rae and entrepreneur of Buttrd by Bri is on the radar for greatness.

The show follows a group of seven ambitious friends as they pursue their dreams in South L.A. while navigating the highs and lows that come with chasing success. The show is a fresh of breath air as many of us are chasing our dreams and passion.

Briana’s mission wasn’t to come to L.A. from Kalamazoo, Michigan in search of fame, but rather to grow as an individual and to be surrounded by diverse viewpoints. As happenstance would have it, her friendship with castmate Jordan Bentley, CEO and Founder of a popular streetwear line, lead to an opportunity for her growth in a different industry that she originally planned for.

Bri is also Founder of Buttrd by Bri, her organic body butter line that she founded out of an essential need to find organic products that worked well for sensitive skin. Originally starting as a hobby and way to implement a little extra self-love into her days has now become an essential key to her routine and lifestyle. She currently handmakes the butter herself and packages and ships the items with love to her avid butter fans. Buttrd by Bri is dedicated to using only natural and organic ingredients in each product, and each butter is free of harmful additives and is always cruelty free. If you haven’t tried this butter line, you definitely should!

Snubb3d Magazine had an opportunity to chat with Briana on a one on one base. Check out the conversation below!

1.) Who is Briana (who and what do you want the world to know you as?) Briana Jones founder and CEO of Buttrd By Bri and cast member on Sweet Life Los Angeles.

2.) What was your upbringing? I grew up with my younger brother and mom in Kalamazoo, MI. 

3.) What made you step into the world of entrepreneurship? Being surrounded by so many peers that run their own successful businesses really gave me the confidence to start Buttrd By Bri.

4.) Who do you look up to? Rihanna inspires me. I admire how she has started an empire with Fenty and would love to do something similar in the future.

5.) How has your world changed since the show? Being on Sweet Life Los Angeles has really given me the confidence to really pursue my dreams and with this new attitude I have been presented with so many amazing opportunities. I will forever be grateful to Issa Rae and all of HBO.

6.) What are future plans for you? I would love to be renewed for a season 2 of Sweet Life and to expand Buttrd By Bri with new products.

7.) Any other endeavors you are currently partaking in? I am currently trying to expand my knowledge about wine, doing a lot of research and a lot of tasting.

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8.) In the future who would you like to do collaborations with? (as far as your brand) : I would love to collaborate with Issa Rae and her hair care line Sienna Naturals, I feel like both of our businesses have similar values and we could create something amazing!

9.) What do you tell someone who is trying to get into the industry that may be looking at you as a role model? My advice to anyone trying to pursue anything new; just do it! Really just put yourself out there and don’t hold back. 

10.) How do you keep yourself balanced? I am still working on balance, if I’m being honest. However, I do try to listen to my body, when I’m tired, I take a break and rest. 

11.) If there was a spin off about Bri, what would it be called? My spin-off would be called Being By Bri. Haha

UPDATE: THE CAST OF HBO SWEET LIFE IS RENEWED FOR ANOTHER SEASON!!!!! Stay tuned this will not be the last time you see Briana Jones with Snubb3d!

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