Vina Love drops vibrant and empowering song

Writer :  Kamaya Tarpley

Vina Love talks about her latest single, ‘N.F.S’, her famous father being inducted into the HipHop Museum, and the upcoming 2022 tracks we’re excited for.

The fashionable beauty got her start when she initially graced the streets of Harlem, New York. Affectionately nicknamed the ‘Princess of Harlem’, she has had a love for music since she was of a tender age. These days, she is busy creating new music and running her own record label. Vina Love isn’t following her father’s footsteps but instead is making a path of her own.

Speaking of, the entertainer was happy to discuss the pride she felt when her father was inducted into the HipHop Museum. None other than Kid Capri himself, she expresses how she felt seeing him get the acknowledgement he rightfully deserves.

She also gives us the 411 on her latest single ‘N.F.S’, which she recently debuted at her iced-out birthday celebration. The title stands for ‘No funny shit’ a term that has taken over the east coast and made its staple in many urban communities. Vina Love is thrilled to celebrate that release as well as provide more singles for our already tantalized ears.

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Love even gives some advice to her fans along the way:

 “Be very very positive, even when things are looking down. You have to believe that it’s possible.” – Vina Love     Follow Vina @vinalove on all social media and download her music on all streaming platforms

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