A Horror Film produced by Jordan Peele: Candyman

A childhood legend comes to life in an all-new film, Candyman. The legend follows the story of a murdered slave who returns for revenge on those who killed him. Formally known as Daniel Robitaille, he worked on a plantation but also was a talented painter. Therefore, Robitaille was forced by a plantation owner to paint a portrait of his daughter. The owner’s daughter and Robitaille fell in love, resulting in Daniel’s death. He was chased into a field where his hand was cut off and covered into honey so that he was thrown into a beehive. It was then, Candyman enacted his revenge and cursed those who killed him. Today, you can speak his name five times and he’ll appear just to murder you. But of course, all legends can’t live up to its wild claims. 

Originally, the first Candyman movie was released in 1992, starring Tony Todd as the terrifying Candyman. A short synopsis of the film is a grad student accidentally summoning the mysterious candyman for research of the soulless man. 28 years later, Candyman is reintroduced in a new film with an upcoming star, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II. Manteen has acted in the Netflix series, The Get Down and played the role as Black Manta in the movie Aquaman. From the same producer of the films Get Out and Us, Jordan Peele takes the sequels back to Chicago where the legend supposedly began. Anthony McCoy, played by Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, is desperate to use the legend’s details in his paintings. So desperate that he unlocks a door to the murderous Candyman himself. 

Another main appearance is Tony Todd reviving his role as Candyman from the 1992 film. With the same Candyman and this film being a sequel; you can expect to have your mind blown with this film’s plot. It is also especially important to see black actors and producers showcase their talents in horror movies. Let this be the continuing fresh outlook of black actors in films other than about slavery or poverty. Candyman is set to be released this year on October 16th. 

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