Introducing Be >: Empowering Authenticity and Redefining Wellness

Be Greater Than (Be >) emerges as a beacon of authenticity and holistic wellness in a world filled with societal pressures and predefined norms. Founded by world-renowned dancers and wellness advocates, Ashley Everett, Jasmine Harper, and celebrity publicist Randy C. Bonds, Be > is on a mission to revolutionize how we approach self-care, mental health, and authentical personal development.

The Essence of Be >

At Be >, we believe in the power of “being” over trying to conform to external expectations. The name itself, Be Greater Than, encapsulates our rallying cry: embracing one’s natural self is the true path to greatness. We reject the notion of dimming our light, emulating, or performing to fit predefined molds. Instead, we champion the authenticity within us all, asserting that our natural selves are more than enough. This is a journey back to the root, to understand the original intent of who we are and what we’re meant to be. We’re redefining norms not out of rebellion, but out of a desire to honor the genuine essence of every individual. It’s time to rewrite the narrative and celebrate our true selves.

Programming Highlights

Be > is committed to making wellness a lifestyle, not a luxury. Our diverse range of programming includes:

  • Immersive Wellness Workshops: Engage in hands-on peer-led sessions to delve deeper into specific aspects of wellness, from mental health practices to skin and hair care routines.
  • Transformative Wellness Retreats: Immerse yourself in a holistic wellness experience designed to transform your inner and outer well-being through peer-led workshops, immersive activities, and expert-guided sessions.
  • The Be > Podcast: Join us on a journey of insightful conversations, featuring thought leaders, experts, and everyday individuals, sharing their stories, expertise, and perspectives on wellness and personal growth.
  • The Be > Book: Dive into a collection of narratives, insights, and practical advice, curated to inspire and empower you on your wellness journey.
  • Be > Merchandise: Embrace the Be > message with our curated line of merchandise, designed to remind you to always strive for more, to be greater than your limitations.

These offerings are designed to empower individuals to prioritize their well-being in tandem with their professional pursuits.

Be Greater Than (Be >) embodies authenticity and celebrates the genuine self. We believe wellness is not a privilege but a vital need for all. Our mission is to foster a community where peer-driven leadership and accountability propel inner and outer growth, resulting in a radiance that emanates from within.

“We’ve all worked with, for, or behind entities to support their vision and dreams. Thanks to the knowledge gained and experience attained throughout our respective careers, we’re now stepping into the spotlight to not only empower ourselves but to inspire others to love themselves a little more and prioritize their self-care just as much as they prioritize their careers, so that they can truly experience wellness as a lifestyle, not just something that’s to be experienced for those lucky enough to surpass mere survival,” say the founders of Be >.

All three founders are available for interviews to discuss what people can expect from Be > and why wellness is essential for a healthy lifestyle, true authenticity, and genuine personal and professional growth. Please find our media deck attached below, and be sure to align with us online at @BeGreaterThan_. For all media inquiries, please contact us via the info provided below!

About (Be >)

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Be Greater Than (Be >) is a Lifestyle & Wellness Brand committed to guiding individuals in transcending their perceived limitations. Through practices centered around healing, mental health advocacy, candid conversations, and fostering community, Be > empowers people to discover and embrace their authentic greater selves. Designed for those seeking to break free from self-imposed constraints, embrace personal growth, and unlock their true potential, our community is inclusive, inviting individuals of all backgrounds, genders, and cultures to embark on a journey of self-discovery. In a world that often encourages people to dim their light, Be > believes that being authentic is a powerful force for change. We aim to redefine what it means to be “humble” and shift the narrative towards embracing and celebrating one’s individuality.

Meet The Makers

Jasmine Harper: Jasmine Harper’s meteoric rise began with her unforgettable performances on “So You Think You Can Dance,” captivating audiences worldwide. This was just the inception of a career that would see her become a cornerstone of Beyoncé’s touring ensemble, gracing some of the world’s grandest stages. Jasmine’s exceptional talent also led her to become the face of Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s joint album, “Everything Is Love” by The Carters, solidifying her status as a dance icon.

Ashley Everett: Ashley Everett’s illustrious career is etched in entertainment history. Renowned as Beyoncé’s dance captain for an astounding 17 years, Ashley’s influence transcends dance; she starred in the iconic “Single Ladies” video and seamlessly transitioned into acting and modeling. Beyond the stage and screen, Ashley mentors and advocates for self-love and worth, inspiring others to prioritize their own well-being. As a brand ambassador, she continues to empower individuals to embrace their authenticity.

Randy C. Bonds: As a master connector, Randy C. Bonds has redefined the art of engagement, forging powerful connections between talent, brands, and underrepresented groups in the entertainment industry. His work is a testament to the transformative power of authenticity, inclusivity, and representation. With every event he produces and every influencer partnership he initiates, Randy continues to elevate the industry, opening doors for diverse perspectives and voices that demand to be heard. In a world where visibility is everything, Randy ensures that everyone has a seat at the table, creating a dynamic space where the true essence of talent and storytelling can flourish.

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