Quarantine Classes: How to Discipline Yourself Being Fully Online

During this abrupt pandemic, there has been drastic changes within college class schedules and students taking up residency on campus. Many students must decide whether to take a chance of living on campus or staying home only to be subjected to fully online classes. However, online classes should not be viewed as the “bad guy” as it can educate you to be more responsible in managing time, acquiring better focus skills, and comprehending the material. 

To manage time is to have all of your priorities in order from most important to least important. In this reality, you are a full-time student which means your degree comes first to ensure you finish college within a timeframe of your choosing. For example, having a job and online classes you have to work around your class schedule. A class may require a virtual meeting in the early afternoon, therefore working a closing shift will not interfere with your class time. Keep in mind, there will be instances where you must do homework on your own time. On your own time could be after work at night or early in the morning. Unfortunately, sacrifices will be made but will be beneficial soon. Establish a consistent schedule that you know you will not stray from and can follow through. A schedule can be organized such as waking up at 9:00 A.M., eating breakfast, checking your school’s website, writing out an agenda of “what needs to be done”, attending virtual meetings, and then going to your job. Of course, adjust to what time your classes start and what job shifts are available. 

With classes not being in person, your focus has to be top-notch. How will you succeed in a class if you do not give it all of your undivided attention? Take the time to get to know your professor and the class’s purpose. If you are familiar with the professor’s teaching, you make habits of knowing what the assignments might look like, what the next discussions will include, or the required readings that may be assigned. Remember the class’ purpose, that will extremely affect your work ethic and performance. How can you submit excellent work when you believe the class is a waste of time? Your main skill should be being focused. 

If you take a class it is not only because it is required for a certain major but also to learn at least one thing from the course. Even if you may think this class has absolutely nothing to do with the career path, look for one thing that can relate to your major. Doing this also increases your work performance and has greater chances of passing the class. 

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Although online classes are not for every student it will leave an impact on how you learn information and how flexible it can be in your day to day life. Let this quarantine be the reason whether you are blessed to have an option of online classes or it being the worst thing ever created. 

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