Kevin Ross Talks ‘Looking for Love’

– Grammy-nominated songwriter and producer, Kevin Ross returns with his latest offering “Looking for Love” is available now. The follow up to his commercially successful single “God Is A Genius,” the DC native is now turning the page in his new chapter as he looks for love as Summer gets underway. Having been nominated for a Soul Train Music Award, NAACP Image Award and an iHeartRadio Music Award, this new era for Kevin Ross is one to look forward to with many surprises along the way.

With a more mature sound and playful vibe, Ross delivers the content his audience craves but introduces newer elements that they may not know him for to stimulate their taste in music and to attract a newer crowd of listeners. With his content and music spanning over 100 million views online backed by over 500,000+ social media followers, Ross makes his impact on and offline, which many artists continue to strive for with each release. Having chart success with “Long Song Away” which reached #1 on Billboard’s Adult R&B Song chart and at Urban Contemporary Radio, Ross has put together a new body of work to help him achieve that feat once again but under his own imprint, Art Society Music Group with his partnership through Empire. “Looking for Love” may sound nostalgic but the story is a very present-day situation. Our generation is the first to experience how social media affects how we love. We have more options than ever before, so when we are met with the smallest issue, we’re quicker to leave to find someone more “compatible”. Looking for love is more difficult than ever yet everybody wants to find it.

The real question is once we find it, can we keep it?” – Kevin Ross Stream “Looking for Love” – “Truth doesn’t change with trend.

I say that a lot when it comes to my music and brand. If it’s trendy, I think Where I’m at now, I have a vast array of experiences and creatively, I am in a space where you’ll get a plethora of not only contemporary but traditional stuff as well. It’s a nice hybrid and I’ve always considered myself that.

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I can satisfy my mom’s generation as well as my younger brother’s. When I look at Urban AC, I look at what they have and what don’t they have. I look at what will stand up to not only the charts, but my previous work. I don’t try to fit in because once I do that, I’ve already lost.” – Kevin Ross

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