TV ONE is doubling down on its new slate of programming for the newly minted “Date Night Thursdays”. The new series, “Asking for a Friend,” hosted by LisaRaye McCoy, paved the way for the genre, which premiered on the network in February. After a much-anticipated break, the night returns with “The One” on Thursday, May 18th at 9p ET/8C. The competition series will be hosted by powerhouse couple, Kirk and Tammy Franklin.

Atlanta bachelor and bachelorette Brent and Ashley have long struggled to find their soulmates. Now, with a little guidance from gospel legend Kirk Franklin and his wife Tammy, Brent and Ashley will embark on a journey filled with sexy suitors and outrageous activities as they seek to find love. Throughout the series, Ashley and Brent will meet two new potential matches each week. Sparks will fly as our daters get to know one another while partaking in some risqué game nights yet soulful sessions with Kirk and Tammy at the helm. At the end of each episode, Brent and Ashley will determine which dates possess the qualities that could make them their soulmate, ultimately leading that suitor to join them at The One Mansion. 

Kirk Franklin is a 19-time Grammy Award-winning gospel artist and songwriter who has been an influential force in contemporary gospel music for over three decades. In addition to his work with the Family, Franklin has also worked as a producer and songwriter for other artists. He wrote and produced the hit single “Stomp” for God’s Property, which became a crossover hit and earned him a second Grammy Award. He has also worked with several other notable artists, including Mary J. Blige, Bono, and Whitney Houston. Despite his success, Franklin has always remained true to his faith, and his music is deeply rooted in his spiritual beliefs. His lyrics often deal with issues of faith, redemption, and social justice, and his music has become a source of inspiration for many listeners.

In addition to his music career, Franklin is also passionate about making sure Gospel reaches new heights and entertainment mediums. Aside from Franklin’s podcast “Good Words,” his satellite radio station on Sirius XM, “Kirk Franklin’s Praise,” and a Gospel Music Festival, “Kirk Franklin’s Exodus Music & Arts Festival,” Franklin has been the Executive Producer of “Kingdom Business,” a scripted drama airing on the BET+ network. He has also been an Executive Producer for two Lifetime Christmas films and a new dating show, “The One,” airing on TV One, which Franklin also co-hosts with his wife, Tammy Franklin.

Overall, Kirk Franklin has had an indelible impact on contemporary gospel music. His unique blend of gospel, R&B, and hip-hop has influenced countless artists, and his music has become a source of inspiration and comfort for many listeners. Despite his success, Franklin remains grounded in his faith, and he continues to use his platform to advocate for social justice and to help those in need.

Noted as “…one of the most grounded, intelligent women of faith this world has known,” Tammy Franklin is a philanthropist, inspirational speaker, health and wellness enthusiast, host, media maven, and matriarch to her immediate and extended family. (Mind-Blowing Magazine 2021)

For nearly 30 years, Tammy has been the foundation of support to her husband’s career while supporting her family as the eldest child of seven siblings, mother of four, aunt, and now “Lovie” to two grandchildren. With the intention and mindfulness that it takes to successfully own her work life balance, whilst maintaining a fruitful marriage of 27 years, Tammy has carved out a lane all her own as an inspiration to women of all ages. In tandem with being a loving support to her Grammy Award Winning husband Kirk Franklin,

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As Chairwoman of The Franklin Imagine Group, it is Tammy’s mission to equip the next generation with tools for a life upward no matter existing circumstances. One of the Franklins’ most praiseworthy collaborations to date, and a true extension of the Franklin Family’s community connection, is partnering with her husband to create Camp Lotus. It is a one-week music camp that gives aspiring musicians at the high school level an opportunity to maximize their potential and aids in preparing the young musician for a career in the music industry.

Tammy Franklin’s authenticity and transparency around her faith informs outlook on real-life issues, life lessons, marriage, parenting, and entrepreneurial endeavors. This ethos equips couples, single parents, women, and anyone with passionate pursuits to push forward and strive.

THE ONE is produced by Critical Content. The executive producers are Jenny Daly, Ron Hill, Phil Thornton, Oji Singletary, Eric Timm, Matt Pickel, and Rob Lobl. Tarvenia Jones serves as Co-Executive Producer. Tony Yates is the Head of Production. Sammy Yamada is the Executive in Charge of Production for Critical Content. Austyn Biggers is the Senior Vice President of Programming and Production and Allison Simmons is the Executive Producer in Charge of Production for TV One.

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