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It Was All A Dream!! We all know that quote from the infamous Biggie Smalls. However what happens when it goes to a dream, to a t-shirt line, to something way bigger. Well that’s what happened when Blair and Brandon Dottin-Haley decided to create this clothing line. This clothing line is to celebrate the culture of the African Diaspora. Many people always see clothing that they like, but it’s something when it’s your own creating product for exactly you and how you feel. As stated by Blair and Brandon; The Blairisms apparel is for the melanin loving, pro- Black, warrior at the front lines of resistance. “We celebrate Black culture from all across the globe.”

Snubb3d Magazine Editor In Chief Levar Kemp recently sat down with these two and discussed the greatness of this business in Washington D.C. Blair and Brandon shared with him that this vision came to life quickly and unexpectedly. Born from life’s challenges and triumphs, #BLAIRISMS are vital lessons. #Blairisms are affirmations meant to inspire, create moments of reflection and hopefully a little laughter. Their goal is to strengthen individuals and communities with a healthy dose of honesty. This “Edu-tainment” brand encourages self-care, accountability, self-advocacy, and above all else…LOVE! The expressions shared via social media over almost a decade by New Orleans native.

The Blairisms

While at lunch with a friend, Blair’s friend looks at him and says “you know, if you put the Blairisms on t-shirts, people would buy them?” Blair had a vision of this t-shirt line and told his companion/husband and co-owner Brandon about his vision. They wanted to give the world the ability to “Say it with ya Chest!” and created the first collection of 6 shirts, which launched in December of 2016. They began a week of pre-sales to test the market. To there surprise hundreds of #Blairisms sold in the first week. Ever since 2016 the brand has been going strong, with recently stepping into the home décor. Just imagine waking up to a celebration of you for you! Today, The Blairisms collection offers dozens of designs on over 1,000 different products from T-shirts and hoodies, to backpacks, coffee mugs, wall art and more.

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Many well known names have put on these amazing products. Some include: En Vogue, Jussie Smollett, Kenny Latimore, Marsha Ambrosius, Frank Gatson, George Lopez, DL Hughley just to name a few.

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